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Tiger & Bunny + Puff

Shinomori Aoshi v Himura Kenshin | るろうに剣心: 伝説の最期編


Hello darlings!~ My dash seems to mostly be Attack on Titan, and Free! which are fine in their own right….but I’m looking for a bit more variety!~

So, if you are into the following things please reblog/like this post and I will check out your blog!

-Tiger and Bunny

-Fire emblem (mostly Tellius…

I blog Tiger & Bunny 

Still looking for more anime blogs to follow!


I’m looking for:

- Tiger and Bunny
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Panty and Stocking
- Samurai Champloo
- Studio Ghibli
- xxxHolic
- Anime in general I guess, I love trying new anime

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The Rising review - or how Kotetsu’s insecurities ruin the fun


My review or personal opinion. No Nathan because there are still a few things I need to research and maybe later I will touch Nathan’s story.

Heavily focused on Kotetsu (and Barnaby) since they are the ones accused of being the shitty part of the movie.

This contains full spoilers and also wall of text.

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Video | Drama CD | OST Download



劇場版 Tiger & Bunny [Movie 2] The Rising
Available: Movie Link, Drama CD, OSTs, Images

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